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生活不仅仅是工作. 这意味着研究生教育也应该更加重视. At 凯发AG, we're passionate about education that invests in your calling and purpose — intellectually, spiritually, and professionally.

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凯发AG offers graduate degrees, certificates, 以及为努力从事有目的工作的成年劳动者设计的证书. 在圣地亚哥有兼职和全职课程, 以及混合和在线选项, you’ll be able to find an academic path that prepares you for the career you want or are pursuing.

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Make a Career Change

We spend a lot of our lives working — which makes having a profession that aligns with your purpose in life so important. 无论你是想找一份新工作还是想改变你的职业生涯, 凯发AG的研究生和专业研究可以为你提供一些东西. Our degrees, certificates, and credentials will help you find your passion or pick a new path while providing hands-on experience to set you up for success. 

你可能会想,现在换工作是否太晚了, 但这些课程是为忙碌的专业人士设计的, 帮助你发现对你来说什么是有意义的工作. Even if you're wanting to change careers with no job experience in the industry you're moving to, 通过学习课程来建立技能和知识会有很大的不同. Making a move like this can be intimidating but the unknowns should not stop you from taking the next step. 巴勒斯坦和平研究所为实现有效过渡提供了必要的资源, 这样你就能做出对自己最有利的选择.


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Our wide range of programs offers many different degrees and certificates that can aid you in the search for careers in San Diego and help you network successfully on even larger scales. 你应该做出与你想要达到的目标最一致的行动. Setting yourself up to do this well can be accomplished by learning the skills that will make you competitive in this season of change. By looking for these answers and trying to see what your next steps are, you're already on your way! 凯发AG's Graduate and Professional Studies program options are geared toward cultivating your purpose and helping you get to the place you want to be in your professional life. 无论你是想了解凯发AG凯发AG找到你热爱的职业还是 connect with us, we're here to support you.


Up My Earning Potential

硕士或高级学位值得吗? 就业市场竞争激烈,加薪可能很难实现. Obtaining your graduate degree will allow you to make invaluable connections and grow your earning potential. Higher-income jobs can be important when you want to start a family or reach certain career milestones. 以有意义的方式优先考虑自己的成长可以帮助你实现目标. Education is a pivotal way of keeping your experience relevant and your knowledge up-to-date while expanding your skillset. 

With part-time, full-time, hybrid, and online programs, 凯发AG’s Graduate and Professional Studies offers the flexibility you need to take steps toward your success. Additional certificates allow you to beat the average salary increase in your profession as you show drive and commitment toward your work. Our programs help with your appeal to potential employers and also set you apart in your current position as well. 

Taking the steps to make your professional development a priority can provide many opportunities and long-lasting benefits. The job market is competitive so allowing yourself to stand out will help with navigating your work life in the direction you want it to go. 继续教育对升职有帮助, seniority, 以及专业技能——随着时间的推移,这些技能可以提高你的薪水. 你准备好迈出提高收入潜力的下一步了吗? Check out some of the 提供信息活动 or contact a counselor to get started today!


凯发AG很荣幸能以多种方式为学生提供服务. 但最让凯发AG自豪的是,凯发AG的学生从未停止服务.


对于许多专业人士来说,竞争是必要的. Whether you're actively looking for work or want to be the first choice to get promoted in your office, 找到能让你与众不同的专业技能的方法是很有用的. For any one job that an organization or company posts, there may be countless applications. When seeking ways to stand out, you have to ask yourself: what makes you distinctive? 

事业成功从你开始. 采取步骤获得证书, certificate, or degree can show the initiative and unique skill sets that are so important in the job market. This type of education can stand out on your resume and help you land the job you've always wanted. The expertise and experiences offered through 凯发AG’s coursework and hands-on teaching can enhance your desirability to potential employers. 如果你想在就业市场上脱颖而出, 对你所从事的工作精通和了解是必要的. Continuing to obtain certifications or even advanced degrees allows you to maintain an edge and stay up-to-date with your industry. 

如果你刚开始在你的领域工作,想要积累工作经验, our Graduate and Professional Studies programs offer many different opportunities to grow. With a curriculum that emphasizes hands-on experience provided by experts in their fields, 你可以用有意义的方式学习和成长. Even seasoned professionals can benefit from furthering their education because of the added value this brings. 在竞争已经很激烈的就业市场, 你想要脱颖而出,让别人记住你的特定资格. Taking the next step to earn additional credentials will prove to be invaluable as you apply for jobs in the future.


Do What I Love to Do

你是如何在你的职业中找到你喜欢的工作的? 你对目前的职业满意吗? 你的职业成长是什么样的? 对于许多事业驱动型的人来说, these questions are necessary but can also be compounded by a lot of confusion or stress. 在你的工作中找到你的激情所在需要时间, but furthering your education can help you navigate some of this uncertainty and hone in on what you feel called to do. 

职业发展是一个终生的过程,你不必独自一人. 当你在寻找你喜欢的工作时, 你可以选择高级教育来帮助你找到答案. The degrees, certificates, and credentials offered through 凯发AG's Graduate and Professional Studies are designed to help you find a vocation that fits your career calling. These programs allow you to develop new skills while growing an understanding of how your passion intersects with your work. 专业人士可以与您一起工作, providing feedback on your resume and cover letter while helping connect you with potential employers. You'll have the opportunity to grow with like-minded individuals to strengthen your abilities and pursue work you enjoy after graduation.  

Your career journey is an investment in yourself as you discover what it means to find fulfillment in your work. 在办公室里度过的时间是许多人生活的很大一部分, which means that finding ways to enjoy what you do is as important as the work itself. 当你衡量你目前的工作满意度时, planning proactive growth opportunities like continuing education can help you maintain or increase the love you have for your job. 如果你有兴趣转行,做你喜欢做的事, 或者你想在当前的工作中找到更深层的激情, 预约咨询师 谁能告诉你这个过程.


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